domingo, noviembre 07, 2004

George Bush. Un nuevo mandato. Breve y directo por Norman A Bailey

The elections of November 2, 2004: President Bush now has a clear and uncontestable mandate to carry forward not only the program of the last four years but also new elements.
He was not only reelected with a majority of 3,500,000 votes (a four million improvement over 2000, when he had a 500,000 popular vote deficit), his party also increased its majorities in both houses of Congress. The Democrats' only grasp on power is now entirely negative. By threatening a filibuster they can block legislation and appointments in the Senate, which requires sixty votes to stop. The Republicans have now 55, and it will not often be possible to get five Democrat votes and keep all 55 of their own.

What is the president's agenda that is new?

On the domestic side, reform of the tax system and the social security system. These goals have already been announced and are certainly very necessary. The first is possible,
the second difficult but not impossible.

On the foreign policy front, new free trade initiatives and a new Israel-Palestine initiative, taking advantage of the likely imminent demise of Yassir Arafat.

For Latin America, not much new or different. It is unlikely to become a priority of the Bush
administration, although there will probably be a push to get some form of immigration reform through to provide for Mexican guest workers.

Norman A. Bailey